When Acting as a Wave

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Una persona llena de incertidumbre tiene que tomar una decisión que va a afectar el futuro de muchas personas.

Joel: This is probably my personal favourite of the entire set. […] They always say words are more powerful than graphics because words require the power of your imagination to create whatever the world is. This is even better than that, there’s almost no words. You really have to invent the scenario from what the links are telling you, and I just loved that. It was really, really effective. […] Anybody listening to this that haven’t played it, really should play it. It’s got a sense of lots of thoughts going through your head.

Eric: Yeah, I agree. I loved this one and this is my favorite one. I think this is probably my favorite twine in general. I didn’t know I had a favorite twine until I played this. […] I loved it, and the fact of the matter is, if he was able to construct a cohesive, coherent narrative that made sense through just the use of links and just these quick choices in the game… I found it amazing. […]

Joel: You could say it’s very thin in terms of detail, because there’s no descriptions. […]  It’s like a short story that doesn’t go into too much detail about various people, but you feel like this thing is very solid and real.

Eric: Yeah, I would agree with that. This is actually, paradoxically, one of the twines in Fear of Twine that actually felt the most rounded to me, and the most real, because I did have to use more of my own mind, of my own imagination to fill in the gaps here. I really found it a very striking piece of work. (Counterweight podcast)

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