Your squire and the princess enter the abandoned chapel.\n\n[[Contemplate picture|Contemplar cuadro]]\n[[Get out|Sala principal]]
<<if $serpiente_muerta>>Your squire's steps continue until they become inaudible.<<else>>You hear your squire's quite girly scream in the distance. You're used to seeing him frightened by anything, so you don't worry too much.<<endif>>\n\n<<display "Opciones del pozo">>
Across the floor, next to the iron stairs, you see your squire holding the <<if $malo>> princess by the forearm.<<else>>princess' hand.<<endif>> To your squire's right there's a colorful room and to his left there's a large room. Next to the entrance of the large one is the entrance to the chapel.\n\nYou're still fighting the beast, who never gets tired, and you're near the marble staircase and a room without windows.\n\n[[Go to the large room|Ir al cuarto grande]]\n[[Go to the colorful room|Ir al cuarto colorido]]\n[[Go to the chapel|Ir a la capilla]]\n[[Go to the room without windows|Ir al cuarto sin ventanas]]\n[[Go down the marble staircase|Bajar la escalera de mármol]]
You both start to go up the stairs. You notice some steps are not fixed at the base, but instead seem suspiciously added.\n\n"That one" you say to your squire, pointing to one "is a trap-step. Be careful not to step on the ones that look like that: something could come from upstairs."\n\n[[Avoid trap-step|Evitar escalón-trampa]]
<<set $atento = false>><<display 'Castillo'>>
(Esto lo saqué, no recuerdo muy bien cómo, de la hiperficción "Enciclopedia Fuckme y el caso de la entrada perdida" de Anna Antrophy. Lo tuve acá como referencia, mientras hacía el juego. Mirando su trabajo y el de Alejandro Grilli Jr. fui aprendiendo cómo editar el CSS de las historias de Twine.)\n\nbody{background-color:#000;color:#fff;font-family:Verdana,sans-serif;font-size:62.5%;margin:4em 15% 5% 5em;}\n\n#sidebar{position:fixed;top:4.2em;left:7.5em;width:230px;list-style:none;margin:0;padding:0 1em 0 0;font:bold 1.1em Verdana,sans-serif;}\n\n#sidebar li{color:#333;text-align:right;background-repeat:no-repeat;margin-bottom:1em;}\n\n#sidebar li:hover{color:#fff;cursor:pointer;}\n\n#sidebar li a{color:#333;}\n\n#sidebar li a:hover{color:#fff;text-decoration:none;}\n\n#sidebar #title{color:#999;font-size:150%;cursor:auto;}\n\n#sidebar #title a{color:#999;}\n\n#sidebar #title a:hover{color:#fff;}\n\n#sidebar #storyAuthor{font-size:50%;}\n\n#sidebar #storyMenu{display:none;line-height:2.5em;margin-bottom:.5em;}\n\n#sidebar #title:hover{color:#999;}\n\n#sidebar #credits{padding-top:1em;font-weight:normal;font-size:100%;cursor:auto;}\n\n#sidebar #credits:hover{color:#333;}\n\n#sidebar #credits a{text-decoration:none;}\n\{position:absolute;display:none;background-color:#343434;color:#fff;opacity:.9;border:1px solid #fff;text-align:center;font:1.1em Verdana;line-height:2em;}\n\ div{padding:0 .4em;}\n\ div:hover{cursor:pointer;background-color:#fff;color:#343434;}\n\n#passages{margin-left:280px;border-left:1px solid #333;padding-left:1.5em;}\n\n.passage{font-size:1.2em;line-height:175%;margin-bottom:2em;text-align:left;}\n\n.passage ul{padding-top:1.3em;text-align:center;}\n\n.passage li{display:inline;margin-right:6em;}\n\na.internalLink,a.externalLink,a.back{color:#4d6ad8;font-weight:bold;text-decoration:none;}\n\na.internalLink:hover,a.externalLink:hover,a.back:hover{color:#8ea6ff;text-decoration:underline;}\n\na.brokenLink{background-color:red;text-decoration:none;color:#000;}\n\n.marked{background-color:red;color:#000;margin-right:12px;padding:3px;}\n\n.passage ul{margin-left:.5em;padding-left:1.5em;}\n\n.passage ol{margin-left:.5em;padding-left:1.5em;}\n\n.passage table{border-collapse:collapse;font-size:100%;margin:.8em 1.0em;}\n\n.passage th,.passage td,.passage tr,.passage caption{padding:3px;}\n\n.passage hr{height:1px;}#storeArea{display:none;}
Your squire points at the entrance: a huge hole in the castle's front wall. Some wooden boards here and there tell you there used to be a door.\n\nObviously Úrquel shattered it and did not bother to repair it. Well, the door did also worked as a bridge and he doesn't need any bridges.\n\n[[Think a way to get in]]
"Mister Víctor, the door seems to be closed."\n\nYour squire is right. <<display "Puerta abierta">>
<<if $llave>>You hear a powerful click and the sound of sliding stones. Then the sweet voice of Princess Sonia: "Try it yourself first, squire. Before proceeding I want to know if it's safe."\n\n[[Use secret passage|Usar pasadizo secreto]]<<else>>"No!" you hear your squire yelling, and immediately you see him out of the chapel feeling his clothes and looking at the floor as if he had lost something.\n<<set $buscando = true>>\n<<display "Sala principal">><<endif>>
You hear a familiar buzz. Your hand grips the sword and pushes it forward in an almost instinctive gesture. The arrow that was flying at your head hits the metal blade and falls onto the ground, broken.\n\nYou look back and you find your squire crouched, you don't understand if by stumble or by will.\n\n"Squire, what happened?"\n\n[[Lie|Mentir]]
Behind the door there's a pretty mistreated room. Through the only window you see you're much higher than you thought you had gone, probably the top of the tallest tower in the castle.\n\nYou see Princess Sonia huddled in a corner, scared to death, ragged, and more beautiful than words can describe.\n\n[[Talk to princess|Hablar con la princesa]]
Your squire starts emitting some strange noises. You order him to shut up to avoid interrupting your concentration.\n\n<<display "Duda">>\n\n[[Look at belongings]]
<<if $llave>>Your squire introduces the snake-shaped seal into the slot at the great stone gate. You hear a strong click, after which the door is raised exposing an abandoned but colorful corridor.\n<<set $llave = false>>\n[[Enter corridor|Entrar en pasadizo]]<<else>>Your squire tries to open the stone door, large and excessively decorated, but it's completely closed.\n\nTo one side of the gate is carved a snake wrapped on itself several times. The mark looks like part of some mechanism.\n\n[[Go back|Cámara principal]]<<endif>>
<<display 'Duda'>>\n\n<<if $cuerda>>[[Keep rope|Cuerda]]<<else>>[[Draw rope|Cuerda]]<<endif>>\n<<if $espada>>[[Sheathe sword|Espada]]<<else>>[[Unsheathe sword|Espada]]<<endif>>\n<<if $cuerda and $espada>>[[Cut rope with sword]]\n[[Tie rope to sword]]<<endif>>
"What are you doing?" you say to your squire when you see him trying to ruin a perfect piece of rope.\n\n"Nothing, sir, excuse me" he answers while he puts in his bag everything he was holding.<<set $cuerda = false>><<set $espada = false>>\n\n<<display 'Pensando'>>
"I am honored, sir," replies your squire, "but I'm afraid there are no 'mine' really. Like you, my years have been all of solitude."\n\n"Well," interrupts Sonia, "everything in this world has a solution."\n\nTwo months later the wedding between your squire and damsel Sonia is celebrated in the former royal palace. After the murder of the king and many political upheavals, Úrquel, your squire and the many who join their cause eventually erase the kingdom from everywhere except the history books.\n\nAnd many years later, although the name of Víctor the Tenacious means nothing to anyone, everyone remembers the name of Horacio, born a peasant, raised a servant, retired squire, hero and founding father of the Republic.\n\n''<html><center>THE END</center></html>''
Your squire and the princess enter the large room.\n\n[[Get out|Sala principal]]\n<<if $buscando and $llave neq true>>[[Look for seal|Buscar sello]]<<endif>>
You hear the sound of a huge rock tumbling to the ground.\n\n"And now how am I supposed to go through?" the princess says outraged.\n\n[[Get to the end of the passage|Ir al final del pasadizo]]
"Hey ..." your squire starts to say.\n\n"I know what we'll do" you interrupt him, and take a huge pile of sheets and clothing that's in a corner.\n\nYou start to tie knots between them, putting together a rope to escape through the window. Princess Sonia loves your wit, and looks at you with wonder.\n\n[[Tie sheets|Anudar sábanas]]
<<set $cuerda = true>><<display "Opciones">>
"It's nowhere to be found!" you listen your squire yelling from the large room.\n\n[[Get out|Sala principal]]
Your squire runs down the stairs of marble. For a moment you try and imagine what he may need downstairs that serves to win the battle, but then you hear the echo of his voice from downstairs:\n\n"I'm sorry, Mister Víctor," he says, "I'm so sorry!"\n\nTaking advantage of your confusion, the black dragon grabs your sword by the blade and throws it through a window. Now unarmed, you don't even have time to curse while he holds you in his grip and twists your body until separating it into two. Princess Sonia, horrified, runs up the iron staircase crying to the room she won't get out of for long.\n\n[[Climb rope towards the forest|Trepar la cuerda hacia el bosque]]
<<if $buscando and $llave neq true>>"It has to be somewhere" you hear your squire saying from inside the chapel.\n\n[[Get out|Sala principal]]<<else>>"Aha!" you hear your squire yelling from inside the chapel.\n\n[[Use seal in snake-shaped slot next to picture|Usar sello en ranura con forma de serpiente junto al cuadro]]<<endif>>
Your squire <<if $malo>>takes the princess' hand and<<endif>> approaches the exit, but you hold him back before he gets there:\n\n<<if $malo>>"You stay here, I'm tired of you fucking with me!"<<else>>"Squire, now is when I need you. I may die in combat, so I need you to escape with the princess as soon as you find opportunity."<<endif>>\n\nYou go down the iron stairs like a tiger on the prowl.\n\n<<if $malo>>[[Grab the princess|Agarrar a la princesa]]<<else>>[[Take the princess|Agarrar a la princesa]]<<endif>>
You hear the sound of moving fire. As the castle is almost entirely of stone, the possibility of a fire doesn't worry you.\n<<set $antorcha = true>>\n<<display "Opciones del pozo">>
Your squire runs to the marble stairs with a rush.\n\n"No!" you shout holding him by the arm "You won't escape from me."\n\nYour squire tries to make you let go of him and it becomes impossible to hold him while fighting the beast. First you have him by the arm, then by the elbow, then the forearm. Before you know it you're just holding his sword, and he already escapes through the marble staircase.\n\n"You should know" sentences the black dragon "that humans are not trustworthy."\n\n[[Climb rope towards the forest|Trepar cuerda hacia el bosque]]
<<set $plan = Math.random()*7>><<if $plan lt 1>>You, meanwhile, search with your eyes for some other possible entrance. Nothing.<<else>><<if $plan lt 2>>You look for a tree to make a bridge with, but they're all too heavy.<<else>><<if $plan lt 3>>Meanwhile you look if there is some other mechanism to get in. Nothing.<<else>><<if $plan lt 4>>You try to calculate the necessary speed to jump the lake, but it's humanly impossible.<<else>><<if $plan lt 5>>You think about the possibility of climbing the walls, but you understand it can't be done.<<else>>In the meantime you think in swimming to the entrance, but it doesn't seem like a realistic plan.<<endif>><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>>
Your squire tries to enter the room without windows that's close to you, but Úrquel returns him to where he was with a quick swipe of his tail.\n\n<<display "Sala principal">>
<<if $espada>>Your squire sheaths his sword again.<<set $espada = false>><<else>>Your squire very clumsily draws his sword. You wonder what his intentions might be, but you know he's not trained in combat, so he can't do much.<<set $espada = true>><<endif>>\n\n<<display 'Pensando'>>
Your squire joins in a hurry to the task, and within minutes you build a chain of cloth long and strong enough to escape all three.\n\nFortunately, the structure of the castle is such that from the tower's window, straight down, doesn't lie the lake but the forest.\n\n[[Tie sheets to bed|Atar sábanas a la cama]]
Your squire ties the rope to the tree and begins to climb it. He looks shit scared. Soon he arrives where you are.\n\n[[Take your squire's sword]]
You advance several meters up. The staircase ends at a wooden door.\n\n[[Open door|Abrir puerta]]\n[[Look at door|Mirar puerta]]
Your squire's surprised face alerts you of the underwater shadows that are approaching to you.\n\n[[Look at shadows]]
Your squire holds to the rope just behind you. The rope seems to support the weight of both of you without a problem.\n\n"I have to congratulate you, squire," you say. "Very well thought out."\n\nYou soon reach the entrance of the castle.\n\n[[Take your squire's sword]]
[[...with a tree]]\n[[...with the castle]]
Your squire climbs the rope from the castle to the other shore of the lake and runs into the woods. Even at that distance he feels the trembling of the black dragon's dead body hitting the floor when you traverse his throat with two swords at once.\n\nTwo months later, your squire, the princess and you arrive at the capital. You're greeted as the greatest hero the kingdom has ever had. Once in the royal palace, you untie your squire and right there you accuse him of treason for having collaborated with the winged demon, the king's number one enemy.\n\nYour marriage to Princess Sonia is greeted with uproar by the entire population. Such is the magnitude of the celebrations that hardly anyone attends the celebrations, public events and legal developments taking place in the same week, so your squire, as he did all his life, remains unnoticed even in the day of his execution.\n\n''<html><center>THE END</center></html>''
Almost in tears, as if it were what terrifies him the most in the world, your squire firmly lifts his sword and plunges it into the black dragon's tough meat. Úrquel furiously roars and knocks him down with his hand. Then he turns his back on you and starts walking towards him.\n\n"Now it turns out you're brave, squire?" he's saying in a threatening tone while you sneak close to him and try to get under him without being seen. "How many people do you think shed my blood and lived to tell the tale?"\n\n"Two!" you scream from below the monster, driving your sword in his pubic bone and then cutting all the way to the chest, trying to survive the rain of giant intestines.\n\n[[Try not to vomit|Tratar de no vomitar]]
"Sir, I found something!" your squire screams. "A kind of snake-shaped seal."\n\n"Keep it, then" you respond. "Maybe it's worth some money back home, but right now we're not to collect toys."\n<<set $llave = true>>\n[[Go back|Cámara principal]]
"I stumbled, sir, I'm so sorry. I think I fell on a tramp-step."\n\n"It's OK. The stairs are quite steep. You be more careful."\n\n[[Go up the stairs|Segundo piso]]
You hear a very suspicious click.\n<<set $maldad = $maldad + 1>>\n[[Crouch against the wall|Agazaparse contra la pared]]
<<if $espada>><<if $clavada>>Your squire ensures that the blade is firmly attached to the castle entrance.<<else>>Your squire throws his sword to the castle. The sword is stuck very firmly on a piece of what once was the castle's door.<<set $clavada = true>><<endif>><<endif>><<if $cuerda>>Your squire <<if $atada>>unties the rope from the tree and then throws it<<else>>throws the free end of the rope<<endif>> to the castle. The rope hits the entrance and ridiculously falls to the water under its own weight. Your squire pulls until he retrieves it all. You manage to keep from laughing.<<set $atada = false>><<endif>>\n\n<<display "Meditando">>
"What a strange thing that door, isn't it?" you say to your squire. "I'm lucky to have you with me."\n\n"It's an honor, sir."\n\n[[Keep going up the stairs|Segundo piso]]
Your squire apologizes. You turn to see him: his expression is of genuine repentance, as that of absolute disappointment.\n\n"All right, all right," you say. "We'll discuss it later."\n\n[[Look at water]]
<html>\n<span style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size: 12px;">\n<img width="134px" height="200px" src="title.png">\n<a style="text-decoration:none;" href="javascript:javascript:history.go(-1)">Previous passage</a><br>\n<a style="text-decoration:none;" href="javascript:javascript:history.go(+1)">Next passage</a><br>\n<a style="text-decoration:none;" href="">Start over</a><br>\n<a style="text-decoration:none;" href="">Jugar en castellano</a>\n</span>\n</html>
Before anyone can say or do anything, a very powerful quake shakes the entire castle. The princess and your squire fall to the ground. You almost loose your grip. A booming voice sounds as if echoing in every corner of the world:\n\n"Ha, ha, ha! What a funny bunch of humans!"\n\n[[Run|Rajar]]\n[[Escape|Rajar]]\n[[Flee|Rajar]]\n[[Get out|Rajar]]
At the end of the iron stairs you find a spectacle that surpasses anything you might have expected to see in life. The beast almost occupies the entire floor, raising tornadoes of dust with every movement of the wings, shaking the castle with each blow of the tail.\n\n"Well, Víctor the Tenacious?" roars Úrquel with his hurricane voice. "Are you or are you not up to it?"\n\nYou run towards the beast with your sword held high, and the monster lifts you in the air with a slap and crashes you against wall. Now you're near the marble staircase, and Úrquel tries to grab you but your sword and ferocity hold him at bay.\n\n[[Go down the iron stairway|Sala principal]]
''<html><span style="font-size: 30px;line-height:100%;">ÚRQUEL<br>\nthe black dragon</span></html>''\n\n//An interactive short story\nwritten by the fabulous //[[David T. Marchand|]]//\nand designed with the most excellent //[[Twine|]]//\n\nTo //''save''// the game, copy at any time of the game the full URL, or save it to your bookmarks/favorites in your browser.\n\nTo //''load''// the game at the time that you saved, paste that URL in the navigation bar or load it from bookmarks/favorites.\n\n[[> Start]]//
A deep lake surrounds the castle, separating you from the entrance. You don't know much of architecture, but the building is impressive, and <<if $atento>>it seems to draw your squire's attention too.<<else>>yet your squire seems to be distracted.<<endif>>\n\n[[Look at entrance]]\n[[Look at lake]]
<<set $atento = true>><<display 'Castillo'>>
Your squire, having tied his rope between a tree and the castle, is set to test his improvised bridge.\n\nYou go and lure him away with a hand movement. The rope seems strong enough. You climb the rope first and start crawling horizontally towards the castle entrance.\n<<set $ maldad = 0>>\n[[CLIMB ROPE TOWARDS THE CASTLE]]\n[[UNTIE ROPE FROM TREE]]
Your squire climbs the rope from the castle to the other shore of the lake and runs into the woods. Even at that distance he can hear, from the top of the castle, the broken cry of the sweet Sonia.\n\nTwo months later he arrives tired, ragged and starving at the capital. In the royal palace he reports that Víctor the Tenacious was killed by the black dragon, fighting till his last breath, and that Princess Sonia could not be rescued. He also reports that he couln't do anything about it at any time.\n\nDespite his low lineage he's well treated in the nursery, and despite his poor condition it doesn't take him long to get work under the tutelage of a new master. Years later, there's no trace in his body of that terrible day, but the guilt of having escaped is still with him, and the deserter's shame haunts him until the last of his days.\n\n''<html><center>THE END</center></html>''
[[Go back|Cámara principal]]\n<<if $serpiente_muerta neq true>>[[Attack snake|Atacar serpiente]]<<endif>>\n<<if $antorcha neq true>>[[Take lighted torch|Agarrar antorcha encendida]]<<endif>>
You finish climbing to the window.\n\n"Wait!" you shout, stopping your squire's race. "There's no point in running if we don't find out where it is first."\n\nYour squire seems <<if $maldad gte 2>>dissappointed<<set $malo = true>><<else>>glad<<endif>> that you survived.\n\n[[Look at window|Mirar a la ventana]]
Your squire sits on the floor looking thoughtful, and soon stands up looking bored.\n\n<<display "Duda">>\n\n[[Sing]]
Your squire jumps on the door and tries to open it, but it's absolutely closed. <<display "Puerta abierta">>
"Yes!" you listen your squire yelling, and then you see him coming out with something in his hand, though you don't get to see what.\n<<set $llave = true>>\n<<display "Sala principal">>
Suddenly the rope breaks, you don't quite understand why, and you find yourself in vertical drop to a certain death. Princess Sonia, horrified, turns away from the window. In the confusion, however, you manage to hold firmly to the cobbles on the wall and you start to climb.\n<<set $maldad = $maldad + 1>>\n[[Cry|Temblor]]\n[[Laugh|Temblor]]
A big, ruined castle stands before you, Víctor the Tenacious, and it is your mission to enter it and rescue Princess Sonia from the bloody claws of Úrquel, the black dragon.\n\n[[Look at castle]]\n[[Look at forest]]
<<if $espada>><<if $clavada>>Your squire pulls the rope to retrieve his sword as if to do something with it, but it's useless. It's stuck too firmly.<<else>>Your squire attacks the nearest tree with his sword. The tree does not seem to care. You manage to keep from laughing.<<endif>> <<endif>> <<if $cuerda>><<if $atada>>Your squire tightens the knot in the tree.<<else>>Your squire ties the free end of the rope to the nearest tree.<<set $atada = true>><<endif>> The tree does not seem to care.<<endif>>\n\n<<display "Meditando">>
<<if $cuerda>>Your squire puts the rope in the bag again.<<set $cuerda = false>><<else>>Your squire takes the rope from his bag and holds it in his left hand.<<set $cuerda = true>><<endif>>\n\n<<display 'Pensando'>>
<<if $antorcha>>Your squire goes through the dark passage with his torch held high. The darkness recedes as he advances.\n\n[[Go back|Cámara principal]]\n<<if $llave neq true>>[[Take seal|Agarrar sello]]<<endif>><<else>>Your squire goes through the dark passage. You hear him walking a bit and then you notice he stops.\n\n"I got somewhere, but it's completely dark, I can't see anything other than the passage through which I got in."\n\n"Then get back now" you order, "last thing I need is to lose my squire before finding the beast."\n\n[[Go back|Cámara principal]]<<endif>>
<<display 'Duda'>><<set $cuerda = false>><<set $espada = false>>\n\n[[Use sword with...]] \n[[Use rope with...]] \n<<if $atada and $clavada>>[[Climb rope]]<<endif>>
Suddenly you feel in freefall. You hold the rope to keep from falling, but it is precisely the rope which is falling with you. You fall into the water with a blow. After the confusion you get your head out of the water and take a strong deep breath.\n\n"Squire!" you shout. "Can't I trust you to make a knot that can support the weight of a man without breaking up alone?"\n<<set $maldad = $maldad + 1>>\n[[Apologize]]
Your squire and the princess enter the colorful room.\n\n[[Get out|Sala principal]]\n<<if $buscando and $llave neq true>>[[Look for seal|Encontrar sello]]<<endif>>
<<set $espada = true>><<display "Opciones">>
Your squire is lost from your sight behind the narrow passage there is on a wall.\n\n[[Go back|Cámara principal]]\n[[Go down the stairs|Bajar escaleras]]
"There are no words to explain how sorry I am" your squire shouts from the other side of the lake.\n\nYou don't reply, you take the rope and throw it to him.\n\n[[Climb rope towards the castle ]]
(Here I made a grout of all I know so far about Twine commands to use for reference.)\n\n//Italic//, 'bold'', __underline__, ~~subscript~~, ^^superscript^^, {{{monospaced}}}, * list, # numbered list,\n----\nOpción lineal <<choice "Start">>\nPasaje incluido <<display "Start">>\nLista de opciones <<actions "Start" "Start">>\nMostrar expresión <<print Math.round(Math.random()*10)>>\nEstablecer una variable <<set $variable = true>>\nCondicionales <<if $variable>>Sí.<<else>>No.<<endif>>\nNo imprimir renglones <<silently>>Algo secreto<<endsilently>>\n----\nOperadores de manera tal que dan ''true'':\n3 ''eq'' 3, 3 ''neq'' 'texto', 3 ''gt'' 2, 3 ''gte'' 2 y ''gte'' 3, 2 ''lt'' 3 y 2 ''lte'' 2, 0 eq 0 ''and'' 1 eq 1, 0 eq 0 ''or'' 1 eq 3, ''not'' variable falsa.\n\n—
You pull the rope with all your strength to reach the castle. Near the last segment one of the shadows emerges: a huge crocodile, the head alone is about the size of your body.\n\nIn a single fast, graceful move your hand takes the sword from your waist to the beast's skull. There's a lot of blood. You manage to climb to the castle entrance before any other beasts come close.\n\n[[Apologize again]]
Your squire, as baffled as you, opens his bag and looks for something. You know he carries nothing but a rope, a sword and some food, so you don't really care and keep planning your entrance.\n\n[[Take out rope|Cuerda]]\n[[Unsheathe sword|Espada]]
Your squire's leg peeks out of the window.\n\n"Hold on," the princess stops him, "I think I should go before you, don't you think?"\n\n[[Answer yes|Temblor]]\n[[Answer no|Temblor]]
You feel the cold steel penetrating your chest. Your last words are lost forever when you discover you can't swallow or release air. Your final vision is that of your squire with a smile from ear to ear. From across of the room, Sonia observes surprised and expectant.\n\n"In all my years of solitude" the black dragon sentences "I have come to convince myself that never would I witness such a gesture of friendship and camaraderie from a human being. You can rest now, squire, because from now on I shall ensure your safety and the safety of yours."\n\n[[Thank|Dar las gracias]]
You back off a few steps and then attack the door running, opening it with a kick. You enter.\n\n[[Enter|Entrar]]
The place is pretty grim. The windows are mostly broken and they let in enough light to investigate the area. There's no sign of the dragon or the princess.\n\n<<display "Cámara principal">>
(Este es el boceto que escribí apurado no bien tuve la idea para esta historia.)\n\n1. El héroe saca la espada, la unta en aceite, la golpea con una piedra hasta que prende fuego, la lanza a la cadena de la puerta, que se quema y cae, pero el pozo fue agrandado por el dragón, de modo que faltan unos metros insaltables. El escudero toma su espada, le ata una soga y la tira a la puerta. La atan a un lado y pasan.\n\n2. La escalera está rota. Tirás una piedra a la puerta de la princesa, que sale y arma un puente con pedazos de madera.\n\n3. En la cámara de la princesa, ella les agradece y muestra un aparato de escape muy rudimentario que soporta su peso pero resultaría en la muerte si se suelta una palanca. El dragón hace un temblor y el héroe cae por la ventana, agarrándose del aparato. Podés agarrar la sábana y tirar (caso en el cual sos bueno y te manda a agarrar tu espada) o accionar la palanca (caso en el cual sos malo, aunque el héroe se salva igual trepando los adoquines y te retiene).\n\n4. El dragón irrumpe y comienza a pelear con el héroe. Si sos bueno, podés tirar tu espada a una araña gigante y fallar, tras lo cual el dragón abre la puerta y podés escaparte (bueno pero triste, el héroe muere y vos vivís la vergüenza) o cortar la araña (bueno y feliz, el dragón muere y te incluyen en el himno). Si sos malo, podés matar al héroe (malo pero feliz, el dragón te hace su aliado y te quedás con la princesa) o romper la ventana (con la espada especial de soga, se escapan todos).
<<if $malo>><<display " ESCAPAR">><<else>><<display "ESCAPAR">><<endif>>
In a wall from the windowless room to your right a hole opens. Your squire emerges from the hole and begins to come close to you.\n\nWhile walking, he draws his sword with an uncertain gesture and casting nervous eyes every so often to the marble staircase through which he could now escape from the castle.\n\nÚrquel does not seem to get tired and it's costing you more and more to keep up the fight.\n\n[[ESCAPE FROM CASTLE|ESCAPAR DEL CASTILLO]]\n<<if $malo>>[[KILL VÍCTOR|MATAR A VÍCTOR]]<<else>>[[FIGHT ÚRQUEL|PELEAR CONTRA ÚRQUEL]]<<endif>>
Your squire ensures the sheets in the room's bed, which is heavy enough to support the weight of you three. Then you strongly grab a piece of fabric and bravely jump into the void. The princess runs to the window to see you.\n\n"It seems strong enough," you comment hanging several meters below the window, "come down with no worries."\n\n[[GO DOWN THE WINDOW|Bajar por la ventana]]\n[[CUT SHEETS|Cortar las sábanas]]
"We have to escape," says your squire, and rightly so.\n\n"I'm right behind you," says Sonia.\n\n"No," you say, "the way we came through is disabled. We'll have to invent another."\n\n[[Encourage someone to propose something|Sábanas]]\n[[Pretend to have an idea|Sábanas]]\n[[Comment something about the weather|Sábanas]]\n[[Talk to the princess|Sábanas]]
The beast falls shaking the world, unable even to give some final words, and your squire doesn't stop throwing up before the spectacle.\n\nTwo months later, your squire, the princess and you return to the capital, where you're greeted as the greatest heroes the kingdom has ever had. Free at last from the black dragon's threat, the kingdom finds peace and prosperity.\n\nYour squire, though never marries or leaves any offspring, achieves fame, nobility and a quiet life. You, besides that, the beautiful hand of Sonia. And many years later, the throne.\n\n''<html><center>THE END</center></html>''
Your squire ties the rope to the handle of his sword. You fail to see how this might help, but you let him do as he wants as long as he doesn't get in the way.\n\n<<display "Meditando">>
Your squire seems to want to have the nerve to speak to the princess, but you fortunately interrupt him in time: "Princess Sonia, your father sends us."\n\n"Thank you, thank you very much!" Sonia screams suddenly happy, as she jumps into your arms.\n\n"Don't worry" you soothe her. "Now you're in good hands."\n\n"I don't doubt that" she replies to you.\n\n[[Break the moment|Romper el momento]]
Your squire enters the corridor and you after him. Immediately the stone door falls precipitously, leaving open just a few centimeters space through which a man of your complexion couldn't pass. There's no turning back now.\n\nAfter a few meters a marble staircase begins.\n\n[[Go up marbe staircase|Subir escalera de mármol]]
<<if $antorcha>>You listen your squire yelling a triumphant laugh in the distance.<<set $serpiente_muerta = true>><<else>>You hear a new scream from your squire.<<endif>>\n\n<<display "Opciones del pozo">>
Your squire recovers his sword and unties the rope from it. You tie it to a disused hinge to ensure an eventual escape route.\n\n[[Look inside the castle]]
#passages { width: 500px;}\n\n.passage{text-align:justify !important;}\n\n#storyTitle, #snapback, #restart, #share, #credits { display:none !important;}\n\n#storyAuthor {position:relative; top:-26px; text-size:20px;}
The steps of your squire continue ever more distant.\n\n[[Go back|Cámara principal]]\n[[Enter the pit|Entrar en el pozo]]
Your squire takes a few steps forward and examines the water. Crocodiles? Sharks? Who knows what the black dragon could have put there to ward off intruders.\n\n[[Look at entrance]]
Your squire's face twists as a shadow appears behind you. You enter the room in a jump and look out the window. One vermilion and murderer eye, the size of a man, it's all you can see.\n\n"Good evening, Víctor," Úrquel says very calm, "you came to leave me with no prisoners and now it seems I ended up having three."\n\n"Never!" you reply challenging. "We're leaving now. If not through that window then through anywhere else."\n\n"Very good," the voice sentences, "then I'm waiting for you on the floor below. Let's see if your actions are up to the reputation that precedes you."\n\n[[Run like the wind|Rajar a los santos pedos]]\n[[Escape with the tail between the legs|Rajar a los santos pedos]]\n[[Flee frantically|Rajar a los santos pedos]]\n[[Get the fuck out of there|Rajar a los santos pedos]]
Your squire goes towards the marble staircase next to you, but can't dodge Úrquel's tail, which knocks him down with a blow and returns him to where he was.\n\n<<display "Sala principal">>
Your squire jumps the indicated step without stepping on it. You overtake him anyway, to face whatever comes if anything does. After a few meters you find a new trap-step and jump it.\n\n[[STEP ON NEW TRAP-STEP|Pisar nuevo escalón-trampa]]\n[[AVOID NEW TRAP-STEP|Evitar nuevo escalón-trampa]]
The ladder ends and now you're on the second floor, quite like the previous one, but with much larger windows. Several entrances lead to different rooms, that your squire inspects without finding anything of interest.\n\nTo the front there's a ladder narrower than the previous one, much more steep and made of iron.\n\n[[Go up iron ladder|Subir escalera de hierro]]
The main chamber, in which you and your squire are now, is surrounded by passages to other parts of the castle.<<if $antorcha>><html><br/><br/></html> Your squire is holding a lighted torch quite proudly.<<endif>>\n\n[[Open stone door]]\n[[Use narrow passage]]\n[[Use dark passage]]