ONDA VERDE 2020 (David T. Marchand and others) • 2020
Creator, artist, collaborative coordinator
📰 Press: IP DigitalPress OverRosario3
Virtual march in support of legal, safe, and free abortions in Argentina, with characters designed by nearly 200 people.

THE FACES OF THE FOREST (Cuatro Assets) • 2020
Programmer, writer, game designer
🏆 Latinx in Gaming’s Hispanic Heritage Jam 2020 • Best Gameplay
📰 Press: Telenoche RosarioClicks Modernos
Game of exploration and magical masks, about a military occupation in a Patagonia town. Inspired in Mapuche culture.

ELEMENT: SPACE (Sixth Vowel) • 2017 to 2019
Writer, narrative designer
🏆 Indie Megabooth 2018 • Official selection
📰 Press: Rock Paper ShotgunRPGamer
Turn-based, sci-fi tactical RPG.

FLATO GAMES (David T. Marchand) • 2019
Comedy games about current affairs, inspired in Argentine news.

MNÉMORA: The Lenses of Galimán (Cuatro Assets) • 2018
Programmer, writer, game designer
📰 Press: Malditos NerdsLa NaciónPress Over
Time-travelling platform game. Commissioned by El Culebrón Timbal 🔗 to promote the movie Mnémora: Pueblo, Poder y Tiempo 🔗.

ONDA VERDE (David T. Marchand and others) • 2018
Creator, artist, collaborative coodrinator
📰 Press: Malditos NerdsRock Paper ShotgunPress OverJJI UBA
Virtual march in support of legal, safe, and free abortions in Argentina, with characters designed by more than 150 people.

MIL OCHO DIECITANTOS (Cuatro Assets) • 2016
Programmer, game designer
📰 Press: TN TecnoPress Over
Six minigames about different key moments in Argentine history. Commissioned for Museos Mutantes 🔗 by the Museo Histórico Nacional 🔗.

TEXT GAMES 2012 to today
📰 Press: Electron DancePress Over
Different hyperfictions and text games made in Twine 🔗.


ESCUELA DA VINCI 2016 to today
Professor of several assignments and courses for creating 2D games, centered on the use of Construct 🔗

  • Introduction to Game Design
  • Videogame Development
  • Integral Videogame Realization
  • 2D Videogame Realization (students 9 to 18 years old depending on the format)

Professor of 2D Videogame Creation (online course)

Professor of Videogame Writing (online course)

USAL2017 a 2018
Professor of Interactive Art II (Unity)

Teacher Assistant, Videogame Creation Workshop headed by Agustín Pérez Fernández

FLIA 2016
Co-coordinator of Introduction to Interactive Fiction Workshop

MICA 2015
Professor of  Twine for Kids Workshop


LETRÍSMICA • 2019 to today
Co-creator and editor
📰 Press: TN TecnoFull Monchi
Song lyrics analysis podcast.

EN BUSCA DE PORKO • 2019 to today
Co-creator and editor
Videogame analysis and interview podcast.


Videogames: the newest, oldest thing in the world
Talk about the historical trajectory of videogames.

EVA • 2014
Experimental videogames and artgames
Panel of artgame developers about the expressive potential of the medium and its creative future.